Stainit TM

    Stainit was developed by IPIK to assist our customers in developing colors and conveying this information to us. It is free to use, however it does have some
limitations. Stainit can only be used to transmit this information to IPIK.

Read the legal stuff here-> EULA

    To install Stainit, click the link below.

    If you select "Run" from the download dialog, the installer will automatically
load and install Stainit on your computer.

    If you select "Download" , you must specify a location to save the installer
program in. Then you can use Windows Explorer to start the installation by double
clicking the file "nstlstnt.exe" you saved on your computer.

    The installation procedure creates a directory on your computer to install Stainit.
This will be in "C:/Program Files/IPIK Stainit/". It will also place a shortcut on
your desktop to Stainit.

    The first time you run Stainit, it ask you to accept the EULA and then register.
Once that is done, the application will load. To learn how use Stainit, please click the "Help" button at the bottom left corner of the application.

    Stainit may be removed from your computer by opening the control panel,
selecting "Add or Remove Programs", and selecting Stainit "Remove".

Click this link nstlstnt.exe
to continue and install.