Trash Pile

October 7th, 2008



This may look like a pile of trash to you, but it isn’t.

Hurricane Katrina devastated this fishing village of Hopedale, Louisiana. Three years of hard work restored the bait operations, boat hoist, boat storage warehouses and ice machines. The ship store had been rebuilt and things were better than pre-Katrina levels.

3 years later, Sep 2008, hurricane Gustav flooded the area with a punishing 12 foot storm-surge. All was lost, again. Push all the debris in a pile. Fix it …again !

In just 4 weeks, the damaged boat sheds are demolished. A new trailer was brought in for the ship-store. The new septic tanks are installed. Boat launches cleared and dock repaired. Bait tanks are full. Boats are launching and the cash register is ringing.

So you see, this isn’t a trash pile, it is the result of a spirited rebuilding.

No government bailout, no studies, no committee meetings. Just work.

The flag flying behind the rubble is evidence of the american “can do” spirit that built this country. If you think that spirit is gone, just drive on down to Hopedale. When you see what they’ve done, i promise your spirits will be flying as high as that flag!

Randal Pick© Oct 2008


September 18th, 2008

I think that most of the time we try to do the right thing. Everyone thinks that we can offer accommodations to handicapped people. We all supported the American’s with Disabilities Act  to legally protect those with handicaps from limitations in public places. I went to a camera store recently and saw this wonderful handicapped parking place with the required blue markings and extra wide access and the all important wheelchair ramp to…..well , the ramp doesn’t exactly go anywhere. I guess a ramp is required…do you suppose that it must go into the store? I guess anyone using this ramp must get going really fast  to go through the wall at the ramp top! I hope that they don’t break any bones.


Eggs in a Basket

September 18th, 2008

Things are uncertain.
The news broadcast 24 hours daily has plenty to be scared of.
Conventional wisdom says “don’t put all your eggs in one basket.”
The flamingo takes another approach. I think I’ll follow her lead.
Keep all your eggs in one basket …and watch the damn basket!
After the 2001stock market there is only 1 egg left, anyway.
I don’t know what we should do about Korea or Iraq or the economy.
I am going to concentrate on doing my own job.
Maybe if everyone does that, it’ll all turn out OK.