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IPIK  Door Company  was founded in 1933 by the Pick family on the sight of the old Anchor Sawmill, which was building boat oars for the US Navy. The company was named after its founder, I. Pick.
      During its first decade IPIK manufactured marine and specialty plywood and in support of the war effort. IPIK built plywood for the some of the Higgins landing craft used during World War II. 
After the war, Louis Pick, president of IPIK from 1947-1976, applied his knowledge of structural plywood to build a new type of door using a crossband  under the face. This construction  stabilized the face and imparted  the "plywood strength" of cross-grained layers to the 5-ply door which has remained the industry standard ever since.
      IPIK built doors for the residential and commercial markets which  were both
sturdy and beautiful.  Some IPIK doors outlasted the buildings they were installed in as was demonstrated after one of the major Gulf Coast hurricanes.  Although the high winds collapsed the interior walls of the building the doors were not destroyed and were sanded, refinished and hung in the rebuilt building.
Randal Pick succeeded his father as president of the company in 1976. As the market changed, IPIK was quickly changed along with it and started factory machining and factory finishing  doors of its customers in the "high rise" office market.
IPIK moved into the computer age in 1984 with an in-house designed order entry and archival system. Job data has been archived since 1984 so that "match existing" is a mouse click away - even if the name of the original purchaser is unknown. 
      Automation and computerized scheduling have reduced IPIK's lead time to the shortest in the industry. The design of the machinery and the layout and flow of the production lines allow this to be accomplished smoothly.
IPIK  coordinates its factory machined jobs, by computer, thereby reducing the coordination time for complex hospital and school projects as well as increasing the accuracy of the coordination.. Every door which is factory machined is labeled with its unique number to facilitate faster and more efficient job site installation.

All finish stains are color matched in-house to reduce lead-time as well as to better control the process. The formula for a custom color match is stored in IPIK's database, so that any job manufactured  since 1984 can be replicated.