Custom finishing

           solvent-free, emission free...SUPER-DURABLE


IPIK has been doing architectural wood finishing for over 20 years.

We have finished thousands of our doors for installations in 20 states.

From the tallest buildings in Dallas to Jacksonville, to corporate headquarters nationwide.


In 1998 , we installed a state-of-the-art automated finishing line.

On this high-speed flatline, we apply a UV-cured URETHANE FINISH.

This line increased our capacity to finish way beyond our own needs.


We now do work for other manufacturers, millwork companies and fabrication shops.

We can run any flat piece from : thickness = ¼” to 2”.

         Wide       =  6” to 49”

          Long      =  22” to 144”

Paneling, cabinet doors, plywood …….1 side or 2 sides

Wood can be stained custom or standard colors with water-based stains.


This hard finish has no solvent base, so we produce no voc’s.

Many architects are asking for this certification, to protect the environment.


Call in with your specs for pricing. We’ll meet your delivery schedule!